Make no mistake:

Your images have power.

I lost someone very close to me in an accident, after being reunited after several years. Before she made the jump to the other side of the veil, I got a photo of her. It was one of the truest images I have ever taken. I have her with me as I write this, on the family bookcase, in the hall that I make sure I go through a dozen times a day. It gives me strength; it keeps her close, in some ways closer than we were in life.

After she relocated I decided, come hell or high-water, that I was going to make sure that I could do this for others. Our children grow up to fast. Every day is a celebration. I'm committed to giving you a memory that's forever, with clean, honest images, high-res digital backups that you own and archival prints.

Let me show you how beautiful you really are. There are a lot of amazing photographers out there and it's essential that you find the one that you most trust your little and big moments in life to. I'd be honored if I was that one-- but regardless of whom you pick-- do yourself a favor and invest in your memories with a local photographer. It's worth it. For me, it proved to be a life-saver and everyday happiness.

If you do work with me, you can expect your proofs in a password protected directory within a week (sometimes within 16 hours). If you decide to buy a package that includes prints, and not just the digital downloads, know that I will work with you to select the best ones, edit as needed and that I will oversee the production of the prints, verifying that the magic comes through.

Photos are about celebrating the present and planting the seeds for future memories. That's a perfect balance and something that I will invest in. With every shoot, I make a donation to a charity that will plant 50 trees.

With Gratitude,